Art Lessons

I teach as a means of developing existing creativity and nurturing newborn creativity in all ages and levels of artists. I have taught art to young children in summer programs in the past, and have recently started to teach again. My creative journey has been a conduit to knowing and expressing myself better. I believe these benefits are available to anyone regardless of experience or age. I also actively empower students to become more creative. I will find they are interested in painting, bring flowers, fruit, or vegetables to paint, use unique papers, new techniques, etc. I endeavor to help people to experience the satisfying and therapeutic effects of painting with watercolors. The lessons are designed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the fun and excitement of creating something that is unique to their own experiences and impressions.

Because I love painting I have used many mediums, but currently work primarily in watercolor and oils. While I am available to teach oil painting, I recommend watercolor as the first exploration for it is quicker in execution, non toxic, low in material costs, and affords a lot of freedom in terms of techniques. My approach is hands-on and immersion driven. We start playing right away with colors and brushes, quickly develop a feeling for the medium, and progress naturally by communicating about ideas and techniques, rather than by following a rigid syllabus.